Bisexual Love

public - created 02/23/04
This is an open tribe for anyone who is, loves, is interested in, supports, or knows someone who is Bisexual. There is no specific type of person this tribe is for, except that you are not biphobic. Transexual, gay, lesbian, dykes, butches, bisexuals, straight LGBTQ supporters, queers, fag hags, and everyone inbetween are welcome, so come join and spread the rainbow love! RSS Feed what is XML?

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where there is love,there is life  topic
Love isn't something you find. Love is somethin...  topic
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Bi Men, Tops or Bottoms?  topic
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alone? dating!  topic
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Anyone know this  topic
Anyone know this  topic
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Younger Women Looking for Older Men  topic

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